Sunday, February 12, 2012

My First Blog Post!!!

So..... I'm super excited to start this blog. I was kinda apprehensive about starting it at first, but I finally mustered up the courage to do it. I have scoured numerous blogs daily to figure out what to do with my hair and how to build my own regimen. So many women have helped me, that there are too many to name.

I've always had a perm since my younger years (can't remember what age), and my hair has always been around shoulder length. I have a few friends that are natural beauties, but that's not the path I want to take. I normally go to my stylist every two weeks and for the most part my hair is fairly healthy. My problem comes in with my OWN maintenance of my hair. If I wasn't at the beauty shop nothing would normally get done to my head. I'd occasionally flat iron and NEVER wrap my hair at night. My left side is also my weaker side. I'll include some pictures to show my previous state of hair.

You can see the major uneven-ness but I recently had this problem fixed

Barely shoulder length


  1. Thanks for following my blog. I'm glad you decided to start your HHJ. I recently started (Dec 4) and I can already see improvement in the overall health of my hair. I look forward to following your journey. HHG!!

  2. You're welcome!! I look forward to following your blog as well!! Best of luck!!