Thursday, March 22, 2012


So flexi-rods weren't a new thing to me before my HHJ, but I've just found the reason why I love them so much. I can definitely say flexi-rods will hide whatever mess of new growth I have. I bought 3 different sizes and the curls come out as loose or as tight as I want. I loved the rods so much I decided to venture into my friends' hair. (I'm shocked she let me) Before I roll my hair each time I'll put a small amount of oil on my ends and a pump of the ORS Hair Mouse. Below are some pictures of how they turned out.

From the neck up she may look like she was going to prom, but we were going to my school's probate and out to the club afterward. The hair added to the edgy/girly look of her outfit. She was happy with the results :)

This style was kind of a fail for me because I was trying to recreate a look but it just took on its own identity. But I guess I liked it enough to wear it to class. It was supposed to be a really curly side-swept bun.

Wish everybody the best of luck on their journey. *I almost forgot* Right now I am 5 weeks post and going to the salon tomorrow for a wash so I think I'm finally going to do a full review on my salon experience. STAY TUNED :)


  1. The flexi rods came out great!!.....I like your look at the bottom too. Cute and chic:)

  2. The flexi rod set is cute. Mine never comes out right though and I've been trying a while now lol

  3. Flexi rods are the rollers of choice this month. I'm loving the results!

    1. Yes they are and they're so easy to use!