Tuesday, May 1, 2012

10 Weeks Post!!

SOOOOO I lasted my goal length of 10 weeks with this stretch this time around. Now before I get to the pictures I want to express some concerns I had after my relaxer. Before getting it done I was so excited about how much length I retained judging by my new growth. Let me tell ya *sigh* My aunt started to flat-iron my hair and goes "The left side of yo head ain't never been this thin and chewed up!" I'm sitting in the chair like seriously, what the hell!!! I thought I was doing good. Now my left side has always been shorter and I just came to the conclusion that the right side just grows faster because I've changed the side my part is on and everything.

Enough about that, I did see growth and I should definitely be more focused on health than length. And with that being said, I must get a length check shirt. I get super tired of trying to find the same shirt to take my length check pics.... SOOOO here they are....

Apr. '12

Jan '12
Feb. '12