Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hair DRAMA!!!

SSOOOOOO.... Like the title says I've been having a bit of hair drama lately. I recently washed pretty much with the same process. I used the V05 Moisture Milk to shampoo and hated how dry it made my hair feel. So a lightbulb went off in my head *DING* Since my conditioner already had olive oil in it and I didn't pre-poo this was a great opportunity for add my oils. So I rinsed out the shampoo and coated my hair from root to tip with the oil, then rinsed, then added my conditioners and leave-ins and all that jazz.

Now on to my drama, right now I'm about 7 weeks post and didn't really feel like styling my hair in any way. So I decided to flat iron my hair, since I've never done it after a wash during my journey. After I finished I felt kind of defeated. :( You know I always talk about how uneven my hair is and by me trying out this new kinda stylish middle part, it was SO apparent. And my hairline looks so jacked to me UGH my hair is already thin so with that, the uneveness, my new growth. Im just frustrated. I think I'm having a setback. (That sounded way over-dramatic) But I seriously am considering a nice chop


  1. Have u tried castor oil to add thickness 2 ur hair and grow bk ur edges? I hear it works like a charm. Sorry to hear u are facing a setback. Remain encouraged despite. You will get through this. HHG.

    1. I "call" myself using castor oil but I'm not using it faithfully like I should and I think the castor oil I have is just the commercial oil and not the natural oil. Thank you so much for your suggestion!!

  2. Hey! I have nominated you for a versatile blogger award. Keep blogging, I love to learn new things!